About Joseph

Joseph is the Executive Director of Genesis Commission who's chief aim in life is to love his wife and children well, raise up fruitful families, and make a better cup of coffee every morning.

Finding Joy in the Holidays

When it seems like your family is destroying your hopes for the holidays, happiness can vanish like the ghost of Christmas past. But this biblical secret can keep your spirits up and bring your family closer… despite holiday mishaps.

Letter to My Gay Friend

I saw the Gay Pride Parade pictures on your Facebook wall. I saw the many beautiful colors you were wearing – and I couldn't help but think of the bleak darkness you've been living in over the past decade or so.

Why we moved from Hope By Design

I'm not sure if you know this or not, but Ana Marisol and I used to write for a blog called Hope By Design, where much like we do here, we helped readers find hope in the design of God for the family. But for many reasons, we felt led to launch Genesis Commission this year.

Why European families are growing smaller

In an interview with The Hoover Institute, political journalist and activist James Kirchick states that hopelessness is the reason many European parents choose not to have children. He and many other secular sources show that there's never been a more crucial need for parents to receive the hope of Jesus Christ in fulfilling the Genesis Commission.