Hope By Design Welcome 2017-04-21T11:09:50+00:00

Welcome to Our New Home!

Hope By Design has moved to GenesisCommission.org

And we couldn’t be happier to welcome you to our new website!

There’s been a lot of changes, but we’re still committed to standing with you in the journey of being fruitful and multiplying God’s image on the Earth through our kids.

For a more details on what’s been going on since our last post at Hope By Design and why we’ve launched a new website, please read our post Why We Moved from Hope By Design to Genesis Commission.

If you’ve subscribed to our Hope By Design newsletter, we’ll still send you emails from Genesis Commission, as the content will remain largely the same. You can unsubscribe from Genesis Commission emails at any time, though.

We sincerely hope you’ll remain a reader, intercessor, and supporter of the mission to transform families all over the world. Thank you for helping to turn ordinary homes into thriving families full of joy and purpose!