Why We Moved from Hope By Design to Genesis Commission

I’m not sure if you know this or not, but Ana Marisol and I used to write for a blog called Hope By Design, where much like we do here, we helped readers find hope in the design of God for the family. But for many reasons, we felt led to launch Genesis Commission this year.

Like learning how to walk, we’re hanging on to God’s hand as we move forward into this big endeavor. Thank you for your support and help to turn ordinary homes into thriving families full of joy and purpose!

Seven Reasons We Moved from Hope By Design to Genesis Commission

Reason 1: Other businesses like architects and jewelry makers were using the name “Hope By Design,” so it was hard to get the domain names that we needed.

Reason 2: Hope By Design just didn’t convey exactly who we are and what we were trying to do. Hope is great, but at first glance, “design” could mean anything. Hope in a better design for cars, a better design for houses, a better design for a political structure, etc.

Reason 3: Genesis Commission better expresses the urgency that we feel in our hearts.

While sometimes an inconvenient truth, “to be fruitful” is a command from God and the sacrifice involved in being fruitful is for our individual and social good. We are emotionally crushed by the crisis of so many families and consequentially, of so many societies who’ve abandoned the Genesis Commission for man-made philosophies. So we needed a name that would express this intensity of soul.

Reason 4: Genesis Commission implies that there’s something to be done.

We don’t just want to describe and explain God’s design for families – we want to do it! We want every visitor to Genesis Commission to come away with the desire to change or renew their commitment to their families.

Reason 5: Genesis Commission sounds like the Great Commission – and that’s no accident!

The two commands in Scripture are deeply connected. God has not changed. He didn’t abandon His original objective!

He told us in Genesis that He wants us to multiply His image on the Earth as a team of men and women together. Is this not the Great Commission?

Jesus commanded us to go into all the world making disciples – multiplying His image in the hearts of people from every nation. The beautiful thing is, He wants us to start in our own homes and multiply the image of God in the hearts of our children.

Reason 6: Genesis Commission has missions at its heart.

The vision of God for family is for all peoples. We’ve already seen an entire community in Cameroon, West Africa transformed when they heard us and began living out the Genesis Commission.

So we’re planning another trip this year, God willing, to present a week long family seminar with pastors and leaders from five different African nations. This trip is a model for further outreaches to places under the weight of extreme poverty.

With Genesis Commission, you can be a part of world missions through your prayers and support to turn ordinary homes in rural, impoverished communities into thriving families full of joy and purpose.

Reason 7: Genesis Commission tells us why we’re on the Earth.

This is the prime directive: To multiply and rule the Creation.

We are to multiply God’s image in the hearts of our children (procreation), and then, of our neighbors (evangelism). And we are to “rule” Creation by solving the problems of a fallen world through sanctification (The personal, spiritual process of ruling ourselves and becoming holy as God is holy through grace.) and through entrepreneurship (The process of solving problems in the marketplace that make a better world for everyone.)

So whether you’re coming from Hope By Design or you’re just getting to know us for the first time, we hope you’ll continue to follow, share, and comment on the posts we write on Genesis Commission.

You are central to the revival happening around the world as God awakens families to their purpose and potential.

With Genesis Commission, we wish to encourage you in your commitment to live out God’s plan for your family with our stories and helpful articles. And we also want to amplify your voice to the farthest reaches of the planet so that families that suffer in generational cycles of child abuse, spousal abuse, and gender-based abuse can break free to the joy and purpose that God has for them.

Thank you for being with us on this journey, and we look forward to seeing you at GenesisCommission.org.


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About the Author:

Joseph is the Executive Director of Genesis Commission who's chief aim in life is to love his wife and children well, raise up fruitful families, and make a better cup of coffee every morning.

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